Planning in the moment

In Early Learners we follow Anna Ephgraves planning in the moment. Planning in the moment is all about capturing the moment of engagement and running with it to make sure children progress. We do not set out focus activities for the children instead we allow the children to choose based on their own interests, the children are in control of their learning. We ‘plan’ in the moment as it leads to deep level learning with the children remaining engaged. The children are supported in all areas within Early Learners/Nursery and resources are accessible to children and are varied, open-ended and high quality. This gives the children the opportunity to select resources to support their chosen activity. Every interaction between teacher and child will be purposeful and the teacher’s role is to:
• Spot ‘teachable moments’.
• Engage in quality interactions.
• Record the progress each child makes.
• Go to the children & take the learning to them.
• Enhance learning not interrupt it.
• Ask ‘I wonder…’ questions.
• Try not to speak until the child requests it and finally…… Be relaxed.

Every week we have focus children. If your child is the focus child we will send home a camera and an A3 sheet for you to complete. Over the weekend we ask for up to 15 pictures to be taken. We will then use these pictures during circle time to promote dialogue. The camera and A3 sheet needs to be returned on the Monday. Your child will then be our main focus for the week and we will complete an A3 sheet of observations. After this week, we will ask you to come into school for a short discussion to show you what we have observed.